What is a "relevant" learner permit?
1. Age 16 to 18, category AM for moped A1 for motorcycle up to 125cc (11 KW).
2. Age 18 to 24, category A2 for up to 35 KW, power to weight ratio to a max of 0.2 KW per Kg, and not derived from a bike with twice the power.
3. Age 24+, category A, any bike, no restriction requirements.

What is progression?
1. You can use progression to move from one licence category to another.
2. Progression requires you to do additional IBT training, IBT module 5 and does not require an additional government test.
3. It can also be used to go from A1 to A2 but is not commonly done. Better to do one test on an A2 and use progression to A.

Doing your government test?
1. A1 requires a 125 cc bike, 11 KW, Yamaha YBR125.
2. AM requires a 50 cc moped with max. power of 11 KW.
3. A2 requires a bike of at least 400 cc, restricted to 35 KW, Yamaha XJ6 or MT07.
4. A requires a bike of at least 600 cc, minimum 50 KW no restriction, any Yamaha.

Must a bike be restricted for 2 years after I pass my test?
1. This only applies for category A2.
2. Once you have passed your A2 test and completed 2 years, then no restriction.
3. The youngest age to drive unrestricted is the 18+6 months + 2 years = 20.5.
4. If you have a category A learner permit (age 24) and have completed IBT, you can ride any motorcycle with no restriction.

Do I need to move through each category?
1. No requirement to do so.
2. Age is the only factor to getting you learner permit.
3. You are eligible to do your test after 6 months.

Which IBT course and must I do?
1. A learner permit is not valid without an IBT certificate.
2. Insurance is not valid without an IBT certificate.
3. For A1 or AM IBT modules 1, 2, 3 and 4.
4. For A2 and A IBT modules 1, 3 and 5.
5. For progression, module 5.


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